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Ordering a MiaGiacca bespoke jacket - the process

Ordering a MiaGiacca bespoke jacket - the process

We provide a unique service in bespoke tailoring, allowing you to design your own garment by selecting your preferred fabric, buttons, and trims.

Ordering a custom MiaGiacca jacket is a several-step process. Crafting your personalized piece involves a collaborative effort, requiring commitment and engagement from both parties. However, this partnership yields a garment that authentically reflects your identity and lifestyle.

Now, let's take a glimpse at our latest bespoke creation tailored for a valued customer in the UK.

MiaGiacca jacket

For this particular customer, it was her third jacket with us, so we were already familiar with her style, measurements, proportions, and any specific areas of concern.

However, for those ordering a jacket from us for the first time, we send a comprehensive body measurement chart along with instructions on how to accurately measure oneself.

MiaGiacca measurement chart

We also request two photos of you in fitted clothing, such as leggings and a T-shirt—one from the front and one from the side. This helps us gain a better understanding of your body proportions. Additionally, we inquire about any challenges you may face when shopping for ready-made clothes. This information is invaluable in ensuring we comprehensively grasp your unique requirements.

Our customer has thoughtfully shared the following picture along with her design ideas.

MiaGiacca design

We recommended a selection of fabrics and provided her with swatches of what we believed would complement her unique beauty.

MiaGiacca jacket

Once we finalized the fabric and design details, we proceeded to develop a pattern for her custom jacket.

Given her preference for a puffy sleeve, a unique style, we began by crafting a prototype to ensure the fit and aesthetic met her expectations.

Following the successful sleeve prototype, we transitioned to the actual creation of the jacket, using the exquisite English wool boucle fabric she had chosen.

Throughout the process, we kept our customer updated via Instagram direct messaging, involving her in every step. This allowed her to make decisions on certain details as the garment took shape.

Upon completing the main body of the jacket, we presented her with two trim options, each with buttons carefully pinned to the fabric. This enabled her to choose the one that resonated best with her vision.

MiaGiacca jacket

As the jacket was a self birthday present, we included a small surprise to go with it - a matching tweed scarf.

MiaGiacca jacket

In our view, few sensations match the power of an outfit that authentically reflects your identity.

Through our customization and bespoke services, you have the ability to convey a precise message without uttering a word.

If you're ready to embark on the journey of crafting your personalized jacket, let's begin the conversation. Reach out to us by sending a message through our contact form.

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