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I'm Maja Źróbecka. Let me share a snippet of my journey into the fashion world. Like any venture, there were highs and lows, but I always navigated through.


Working from my home office, my go-to attire was a pair of trusty jeans and a white tee. Yet, every day at 3:30 p.m., as I waited at the school gate to pick up my kids, I felt a tad overshadowed by the city-working moms in their polished outfits.

My solution? I realized that a tweed jacket could effortlessly elevate my casual look. I yearned for a jacket that was impeccably tailored, crafted from top-notch natural materials, timeless in design, and had that undeniable 'WOW' factor. And so, my journey began...

Fast fashion?

After trying to find the perfect tweed jacket from established brands, I grew frustrated with mass-produced options. So, I turned to my trusted seamstress to craft the ideal jacket just for me.

The idea

Made from exquisite black English tweed, the jacket turned out flawless. Inspired by the result, me and my seamstress joined forces to start crafting these jackets for eager customers.

Going bigger

After a while, I aimed to produce 30 jackets in one batch. I vetted six sewing houses before settling on one that truly resonated with my commitment to quality and understood my vision.

Lesson learnt

However, without informing me, the sewing house outsourced my modest order to another company, which unfortunately didn't come through.

New start

This setback nearly led me to throw in the towel. However, it also illuminated a truth: to provide limited-edition, customizable premium garments, I needed to establish my own tailoring studio.

Taking the risk

Using the remaining funds and a little help from her credit card, I invested in sewing equipment and brought on board a seasoned master seamstress.

Our values