About MiaGiacca


miaGiacca founder

Maja Źróbecka is the Founder of MiaGiacca. Her vision with MiaGiacca is to help women look effortlessly chic by adding a high-quality tweed jacket to every outfit.

Before launching MiaGiacca, Maja lived, worked and studied in both London and the USA. After graduating from the University of Westminster, Maja worked at the London College of Fashion before eventually returning to her native Poland. Many years on, she is now married with two children and a black Labrador.

Maja is a woman that loves to wear jeans and believes that a beautiful tweed jacket can add a sophisticated look to every outfit. In Maja’s own search for high-quality tweed jackets she identified a gap in the market for true quality and craftsmanship. This is what lead her to founding MiaGiacca in 2017.

All MiaGiacca jackets are exclusive and limited edition. They are made in a boutique Atelier with tweed and trims of the highest quality. They are fully-lined and are cut to the perfect fit. Maja sources her exclusive couture tweeds from traditional artisans in the UK, Italy and Poland, some of whom have been making fabric for more than 100 years.

MiaGiacca stands for a brand that delivers premium quality tweed and boucle jackets for women that appreciate quality. MiaGiacca’s aim is to provide women the world over with beautiful jackets that are stylish and timelessly chic.

Each and every one of our jackets is cut individually in our boutique Atelier. We use the finest world-class English tweed and boucle fabrics from a traditional mill that has more than 100 years of weaving expertise.

Tweed is a historical tailoring fabric, that gives an incredibly elegant and textured effect due to the use of multiple yarns with various structure. Our luxury fabrics require highly specialised preparation and processing. The making of a single jacket requires many hours of dedicated and intricate work. 

Our fabrics are produced in small quantities, thus ensuring every jacket is limited edition, luxury and not mass produced. Every MiaGiacca jacket is hand finished with meticulous attention to detail. We are proud of our jackets and stand by our quality and craftsmanship.

A satisfied client is what drives Maja. “We promise that the investment you make will be worth it. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward.”