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6 tips on how to choose the perfect autumn/winter coat

6 tips on how to choose the perfect autumn/winter coat

1. Coat style

Coat shape, size, and details all have a significant impact on the look of your figure.

Hourglass body shape - if you have large breasts, narrow waist and full hips, you will look great in single-breasted coats with a belt or with a clearly marked waist. Avoid breast pockets and collars with very wide lapels.

Pear body shape - if you have wide hips and small breasts, go for coats with very wide, fancy collars that will visually enlarge your bust and distract attention from your hips. Shoulder pads and a waist belt will work in a similar way.

Apple body shape - women with large breasts and a pronounced belly should go for large oversize coats or those with a slightly tailored waist without a belt, e.g. a classic menswear-like coat. Single-button fastening and a very deep V-neckline will work well.

2. Coat pockets

Flaps at the chest will visually add fullness to a small bust, while those at the hips will add volume to the lower part of your body.

Hidden pockets, e.g. in side seams, are very elegant and almost invisible. They visually slim down even very full shapes.

Decorative, e.g. sewn diagonally, make wide hips look much thinner.

Orange wool coat MiaGiacca

3. Coat neckline

It can successfully mask trouble areas or emphasize our best features. When choosing a coat, pay attention to the shape, depth and finish of the neckline.

A V-shaped shawl collar looks very elegant. This type of collar is recommended for ladies who want to slim down their figure and lengthen their short neck.

High crew neck without any fastening, inspired by the fashionable style of the 60s, is great for women with small breasts and a petite frame.

A hooded neckline gives your garment a sportier character. Ladies with narrow shoulders will look good in this style.

A high stand-up collar is a practical detail that protects the neck from the cold. I recommend this to ladies with a long neck because it visually shortens it.

Rania princess coat MiaGiacca

4. Type of fastening

Single-breasted fastening, with several buttons or just one at the waist, is ideal for women with very large breasts, for example, those with an ‘apple’ body shape. This style will make the breasts appear smaller than in reality.

A wrap-over style is great for bigger women. It softly hugs the figure, hiding excess weight here and there and it also makes you look taller.

A double-breasted type of fastening will visually enhance small breasts. Perfect for slim women with a boyish figure.

Asymmetrical zipper or snaps that run diagonally will work well for an "apple" silhouette with a marked tummy.

5. Coat length

Coat length depends primarily on your height but also on your figure. Long coats visually slim down fuller shapes but can be overwhelming for short people.

Maxi coats look very chic. Perfect for tall women who want to slim down their figure and emphasize their height.

Midi length will work well for medium height women, both slim and with slightly fuller shapes.

Knee-length is perfect for short people because it doesn't visually shorten the silhouette.

6. Material

Fabric composition is one of the most important information about the coat’s quality. Fall and winter coats should be warm but also breathable. Therefore, it is worth to diligently study the tags.

Wool - this noble and natural material will perfectly protect you against cold. Fabric weight is important - the higher it is, the thicker and warmer the fabric will be. It's best if it's between 550 and 750 grams per square meter of fabric. Addition of cashmere creates a very luxurious blend that is a dream to wear.

Wool tweed has an interesting texture and fine insulation properties. 

Artificial fibers - the majority of manufacturers uses polyester, acrylic and polyamide fabrics, as opposed to natural materials. The reason? They are inexpensive and resistant to damage. However, they prevent the skin from breathing and cause increased sweating. They won’t keep you warm because a plastic bottle-like fabric simply cannot do so.

Fleece is thick cotton or wool fabric. It is very soft and pleasant to touch. Wool fleece is warmer than cotton fleece. When worn, it can pill a bit but you can easily remove the fuzz with a special shaver.



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