About MiaGiacca

We make clothes that make women look good

Maja Zrobecka founder of MiaGiacca


Maja Żróbecka worked in her home office, typically wearing her favourite jeans and a white T. Every day at 3.30 p.m. she picked up her children from school. But when she waited at the gate, she felt outclassed by all the mothers who were coming straight from their city offices, looking elegant and stylish.

Quick fix

What Maja needed was something that would quickly transform her casual jeans+t-shirt outfit into a chic ensemble.

Browsing Pinterest, she discovered she could easily achieve this by adding a tweed jacket to her wardrobe. Maja wanted a perfectly tailored jacket from high-quality natural fabrics that would last long, be classic in shape and had the WOW factor.

Fast fashion?

After an attempt to buy a sartorial tweed jacket from existing brands, she got fed up with mass-produced clothes and asked her seamstress to make such a jacket for her.

The idea

Crafted from black English tweed, the jacket came out perfectly so Maja, and her seamstress teamed up and started working on first jackets for customers.

Going bigger

After some time, Maja wanted to produce 30 jackets at one go, so she tested 6 sewing houses and chose one that seemed to understand her needs and attachment to quality.

But the sewing house, without Maja's knowledge, subcontracted her small order to another business who didn't deliver.

Lesson learnt

This experience almost made Maja give up. But on the other hand, it helped her realise that if she wanted to offer limited-edition premium products that women can personalise, she needed her very own tailoring studio.

New start

With the little money she had left, and with the help of her credit card, she bought all the sewing equipment and hired a professional master seamstress.


Maja's vision with MiaGiacca is to make women feel exceptional by tailoring luxurious, yet affordable clothing, exclusively from the highest quality fabrics and shipped in the shortest possible time. 

Maja Zrobecka founder of MiaGiacca


MiaGiacca operates as a tailoring studio where each piece is cut by hand and made individually in-house.


Maja's customers can enjoy the finest world-class English tweed and boucle fabrics from a traditional mill that has more than 100 years of weaving expertise.


Because our tweeds are produced in small quantities, every style we make is limited edition, luxury and not mass produced. Those characteristics are at the core of traditional bespoke tailoring. We make them accessible to you in a modern way.

Our principles

  • Use high-quality natural fabrics
  • Design classic styles with no expiry date
  • Avoid overproduction
  • Sell directly to customers to maintain reasonable pricing
  • Incorporate customer's feedback

We operate in Szczecin, Poland and have customers in the USA, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, France and Poland. 

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