Ordering a MiaGiacca bespoke jacket - the process

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One of the services we offer is bespoke tailoring where you can design your own garment, choose your preferred fabric, buttons and trims.

Ordering a MiaGiacca bespoke jacket is easy. The process of creating your custom-made piece requires a bit of commitment and engagement on both sides but this cooperation results in a garment that truly represents who you are and what lifestyle you have.

Let’s have a look at our recent bespoke piece that we created for our UK customer.

MiaGiacca jacket

This was my customer’s third jacket so we already knew her style, measurements, proportions and problem areas.

However, if you order a jacket with us for the first time, we send the following body measurement chart and provide guidance on how to measure yourself.

MiaGiacca measurement chart

We also ask for two photos in fitted clothing (like leggings and a T-shirt): one front, one side, to get a better idea of your body proportions. We ask questions whether you have any specific problems when shopping for off the peg clothes as this helps us to clearly understand your needs.

My customer has sent us the following picture with her design ideas.

MiaGiacca design

I suggested a few fabrics and sent her some swatches of what I thought would go best with her type of beauty.

MiaGiacca jacket

Once we confirmed the selection of fabric and design details, we went on to create a pattern for her bespoke jacket.

Because my customer wanted a puffy sleeve jacket that was a new style, first, we made a prototype of the sleeve to check the fit and look.

After that, we moved on to creating the jacket from her selected English wool boucle fabric.

My customer was being updated on the process via Instagram direct messaging. She was involved in the process every step of the way and could decide on some details as we progressed.

After the body of the jacket was made, I sent her two trim suggestions with buttons pinned to the fabric so that she could decide which one she liked better.

MiaGiacca jacket

As the jacket was a self birthday present, we included a small surprise to go with it - a matching tweed scarf.

MiaGiacca jacket

In my opinion, there isn’t a more powerful feeling than when your outfit truly expresses who you are.

With our customisation or bespoke service, you can send a very precise message without saying a word.⁠

Discover the power of tailor-made clothes at www.miagiacca.com

MiaGiacca jacket


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